Nan Technologies is dedicated to our clients.

At Nan Technologies, LLC, we don’t let our enthusiasm for exciting new engineering get in the way of achieving your vision. Instead, we use our enthusiasm to get a complete picture of exactly how you imagine the finished product should work, what it will look like, and how it will feel to use it.

As you may know, one of the most common reasons for engineering projects to go off the rails is for the engineers to not have a clear understanding of the client’s requirements. Often, this is because the clients don’t have the time or resources to try to express their needs, or because the engineers don’t take the time to try to understand them fully. We work hard to overcome both obstacles with our extremely thorough requirement-based design process, so you always get exactly what you asked for.

We don’t discourage innovation or outside-the-box thinking – in fact, we’ve become proven leaders in developing new technologies that give our clients a competitive advantage. We just make sure our most exciting ideas and innovations always serve your vision.

Our project teams have an impressive array of talents, so ask about our services in your particular field. Here are a few of our specialties:

  • User interface design
  • Aesthetic lighting
  • Touchscreen design
  • User input design (buttons, keys and sliders)
  • Electronic systems engineering
  • Hardware and software architecture
  • PCB layout