How We Work

You may have experience working with engineers in the past – and working with Nan Technologies, LLC is different in the best ways possible.

Hand-Holding Not Necessary

We supply the engineers and experts to develop your turnkey solutions, and we also take the work of managing the project off of your hands.

Every project begins with a single point engineering expert in charge of ensuring that development and design are consistent with your original vision. We also employ a project manager to keep the team on track with timing, reporting and change management.

With this kind project support, there’s no need to designate any of your own resources to ensure deadlines are met or that changes are promptly reported; we take responsibility for ensuring you’re always up-to-date with developments on your solution and that you have approved the next steps forward.

On our end, this project support ensures that we always give you the proper experts for each task within the project while still giving you the same familiar faces to work with one-on-one.

Design That Matches Your Vision

One of the most frequent problems in the industry is that during the course of project development, the finished product starts to look a lot more like the engineer’s vision than the client’s. At Nan Technologies, LLC, we gauge the success of a solution on how happy you are with the results – not how happy our engineering staff is with their innovative new ideas.

We’ll always be quick to offer suggestions and ideas for improvement, but at the end of the day, it’s your solution, and you make every final call on how your solution turns out. To ensure we meet your vision, we take extensive notes from the very beginning to be sure we understand your requirements, keep you informed for every step of the development, and make suggestions for improvements or modifications as they arise.

At every point, you get the final say in what solutions we implement, which means the finished product is never a surprise: it’s an experience in satisfaction.

Ongoing Customer Service

Our team works with you from the brainstorming portion of the project – before we’ve even given you a project proposal – all the way through months after the completion. We’ll check in with you periodically to make sure you’re satisfied and to offer any assistance in making improvements, modifications, or additions.

Your satisfaction matters to us more than anything. If you’re not happy with the finished solution, then it isn’t a success – and we’re determined to make every project we tackle a success.

That’s why you should expect us to check in with you before, during, and after your project just to make sure you’re ecstatic about the quality of work we deliver.