Electrical Engineering


We provide a full range of electrical engineering services including design, development and prototyping.

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Software Development

Software Development Box 2

At Nan Technologies, we believe in requirements-based design and testing, and perform it on all projects.

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PCB Layout

PCB Layout Box 3

Our PCB Designers are highly experienced in board layouts for many various industries.

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Let’s Work Together

We'd love to work with you. Tell us about your project today.

Mechanical Design

Mechanical Design Box 4

We interface mechanical and electrical systems using 3-D Modeling, Quickturn and Rapid Prototyping.

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Quickturn Prototyping


We design electronics, lay out PCB, and provide rapid prototyping of mechanical assembly components.

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Consulting Services

Business union

Our engineers have your back, helping with proof of concept, production issues and any stage of your project.

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The ideal product development experience always starts with you.

You’re the one who knows exactly what your solution needs to do for your company. You’re the one who knows what it should look like, who’s going to use it, and how it needs to perform. You may not know how to develop it, but you definitely know what needs this product has to meet.

That's why the ideal experience in product development starts with a company who listens to your needs.

At Nan Technologies, LLC, we want our clients – clients like you - to embrace our knowledge. Our team includes some of the smartest minds in system designs and consulting services. We are experienced with many industries including Automotive, Consumer Goods, Home Connectivity and Security, Communication, Medical and Telephony.

We also offer cross-functional engineering capabilities, including hardware, software, mechanical, and systems engineering. With all that expertise at your disposal, you don’t need to make your project work around limited capabilities; we have the team to bring any vision – including yours – to life.

It’s time for a new kind of partnership: one where you get exactly what you want. Contact us today about your project, and we’ll get you started on the best project development experience of your career.